Pelion Garden | Summer Crew
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Summer Crew

Summer Crew Opportunities 


Students (ages 14-21) can choose Pelion Garden as a paid summer internship. Pelion Garden can support a maximum of four summer crew interns. Crew members work a morning shift, twenty hours a week, from Monday-Friday. Employment generally begins the Monday after July 4th and continues for at least six weeks.


Visit the websites listed below to decide which entity you will use to apply. You must obtain working papers from your school counselor, provide other information and documents (like proof of residency and family income data), adhere to all posted deadlines and go through the regular application process to secure this opportunity. Please read the job description before applying (here).


IMPORTANT: Students who wish to be placed at Pelion must write “Pelion Garden” on his or her application and make sure Ms. Caesandra is aware of the student’s name and request. Otherwise, student applications will go into the pool with all other job sites and may be assigned randomly by the Youth Services offices.



Mayor’s Summer Youth Internship Program

Applications are due in April. Please call 716-851-5887 to receive the current forms.


Erie County Summer Youth Employment

Applications are due in May. Please call 716-858-4584 for questions about the current forms.